WaderTales blogs in 2017

19 WaderTales blogs were published in 2017, celebrating waders and wader research. Many of the articles are based on newly published papers, with the aim of making wader science available to a broader audience. Click on a link in bold to read an individual blog. 

Wader/Shorebird science and conservationringed-plover

Black-tailed GodwitsDSCN1827

b-dunlinIceland-based research

Blog adultBreeding Lapwings

Upland CurlewsRC single bird muddy edge

There are nearly 30 other WaderTales blogs. Here’s the full list. The intention is to add one or two new blogs each month. You can sign up to receive an e-mail notification when a new one is published.

GFA in IcelandGraham (@grahamfappleton) has studied waders for over 40 years and is currently involved in wader research in the UK and in Iceland.  He was Director of Communications at The British Trust for Ornithology until 2013 and is now a freelance writer and broadcaster.

9 thoughts on “WaderTales blogs in 2017

  1. I was fascinated to read about the decrease in predation of lapwing alongside areas of tall grass. I always thought that lapwings wanted good all round visibility and tall grass verges would deter them from breeding. Does the tall grass only work in areas where there is already high densities of birds? I advise farmers on the North Kent Marshes as part of the NKM breeding wader project overseen by the RSPB and am always looking for new things that farmers could do to improve results.

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